Bandit’s Bandaid


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Funds For Them When They Need it Most.

Bandit’s Bandaid is an assistance program created by FaithBark, Inc. Bandit’s Bandaid funds healthcare and other emergencies for any breed of dog. in the United States. We created this program for minor or major medical emergencies that could mean life or death, or a major difference in quality of life. If funds are available we will also help those who have rescued a dog and need to get them examined and fixed but can’t afford to do so. We know how quickly things can turn horribly wrong for your dog and we want to be there to help. This is the very reason we have named the fund Bandit’s Bandaid. We are honoring a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Bandit who passed away when his heart stopped suddenly and unexpectedly during a routine teeth cleaning at the vet.

Please Choose a Client to Help – View All of Our Active Clients >>>

  1. Please Help Odie With Life Saving Surgery

    $2,095.00 donated of $2,400.00 goal
  2. Please Help With Milo’s Surgery

    $835.00 donated of $980.00 goal
  3. Soffie’s Wheels

    $1,350.00 donated of $20,000.00 goal
  4. Please Help Zoey to Walk Again

    $1,530.00 donated of $6,000.00 goal
  5. Please Help Winnie to Walk

    $1,297.00 donated of $1,600.00 goal
  6. Please Help Diagnose and Treat Mr. Watson

    $1,965.00 donated of $2,800.00 goal
  7. Please Help Darby with Dental Surgery

    $863.00 donated of $1,400.00 goal
  8. Please Help Luna Walk Again

    $3,387.00 donated of $5,500.00 goal
  9. Please Help Jericho Walk Again

    $1,092.00 donated of $3,000.00 goal
  10. Please Help Dallas With Urgently Needed Surgery

    $2,515.00 donated of $2,800.00 goal