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From Bella’s owner: Bella is an 8 year old Toy poodle who has been with me her entire life. After I moved out of my mom’s house, mom gave her to me since it was evident Bella would become very depressed if I was not around. Not only do I help her with her anxiety, she helps me with my depression by simply being there. Any day that I feel extremely down, all I have to do is see her silly little smile and I cheer right up.

bellaBella started having severe leg problems after being injured in a dog attack. I initially thought she was okay, but soon learned that she definitely was not. Bella could no longer walk normally and held her left hind leg up when she moved. The pain was so bad that she struggled to go potty, and could not get comfortable lying down anymore. When she did lie down, getting back up was difficult.

I was not able to get her to the vet because I did not have the funds after losing my job. After applying to Bandit’s Bandaid they provided the funds so that I could get Bella in for x-rays and a diagnosis. It was determined that she is suffering from Patellar Luxation, or dislocated kneecaps, in two of her legs. One side is definitely worst than the other, and the vet wants to repair one side and then allow it to heal before doing the second leg. Bella has been on rest and taking pain medications since the visit to the vet, but with the colder weather she is definitely suffering more. She needs this surgery so that she can once again walk and be active without pain.


Trista Dossett

Veterinary Hospital

Danville Small Animal Clinic
1772 Georgetown Rd
Tilton, Illinois 61832
(217) 655-4466

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