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From Dallas’ owner: Dallas in adorable mix breed rescue who has been my constant companion and therapy dog for the last eight years. He has helped me to get through everyday life as a combat veteran. There are no words to say just how wonderful and important my pup is to me!

A couple of months ago Dallas starting having problems with an anal gland becoming infected. He was put on antibiotics and it seemed to improve. However the infection has returned, spread to both sides of his bottom and become abscessed. He is currently back on antibiotics.

One of the Bandit’s Bandaid veterinary advisors explained that in most cases dogs with this problem develop a resistance to the antibiotics and they stop working. Once that occurs the infection often develops into an abscess, which can lead to their rupturing and causing the infection to spread throughout the body. The only way to prevent this from happening is to surgically remove the anal glands as soon as the current infection is controlled by the medication.

Dallas is my lifeline, and I cannot imagine being without him. Since I am on disability it is very difficult for me to pay for major expenses like, this so I am extremely grateful for any assistance that can be provided.


Susan Gonzalez-Fonua

Veterinary Hospital

JYK Veterinary Clinic
5904 Warner Avenue, Suite B
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

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