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Update – Darby had successful dental surgery and cleaning, and is now doing well. Although his entire bill was not covered by his fundraiser his owner will auction her beautiful handmade pendants to cover the remaining balance.

Original Post – From Darby’s owner Shannon: Darby O’Gill is my eight year old black headed tricolor Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I’ve had him since he was three months old. I am on disability and Darby is my service dog. He is my gift from God. He keeps me going.

In 2012 Darby chipped a tooth and the vet cleaned his teeth and said to keep an eye on the chipped tooth. He started to have issues with the tooth in late 2015 and in January 2016, thanks to assistance from Bandit’s Bandaid, he was able get dental surgery. Five teeth had to be extracted, and his teeth were cleaned once again.

Fast forward to a week ago when Darby once again developed a tooth problem. One of his molars is coming out, and on the gum right above it is a growth that needs to be examined and possibly removed. I already borrowed funds to pay for a vet visit he had in May, and the estimate for doing the pre-surgery blood work, dental surgery and another cleaning will be at least $1,000 and possibly more if additional teeth need to be pulled.

I am grateful that Bandit’s Bandaid is here to assist with raising funds for my boy once again. He has an appointment for surgery next week because we do not want to risk the development of a major infection, and the loose tooth is interfering with Darby’s ability to eat. I will be auctioning jewelry to reimburse the borrowed funds and any additional will go to Bandit’s Bandaid.  It is my plan to continue supporting this wonderful organization ongoing, so that others can receive similar support in the future.


Shannon Smaglick

Veterinary Hospital

Pewaukee Veterinary Service
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Pewaukee, Wisconsin 53072
(262) 347-0787

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  1. Shannon Smaglick says:

    Thank you wonderful friends, family and corgi nation! We passed halfway! Now only $200 to finish paying the first of two vet visits xoxox

  2. Amy Carmona says:

    I will donate for Darby. My Magic has had a very expensive year, including dental surgery for a molar that was sheared off as well as other issues, a tumor removal, and several vet visits for an ulcerated cornea, ultimately requiring treatment and a procedure by the opthalmologist to recover and several meds failed. Thank goodness I managed to put these on a credit card. So I feel that I want to help out a bit with Darby so he gets the care he needs.

    • Shannon Smaglick says:

      Thank you very much Amy! <3 Darby is very grateful for your help. He is my sun and stars, my best friend, my soulmate! I shutter to think how I would go on if he was sick or worse. I wasn't disabled when he came to me. He keeps me going every day. Thank you so much again.

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