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August 14 Update:  Mr. Watson was seen by the chief Internist at Blue Pearl Louisville today. After the exam, the vet recommended that additional blood work, an ultrasound and a new scope with biopsy sampling be performed.  The blood work and ultrasound were completed during the visit. They showed that the current flare up was healing,  and nothing suspicious was seen during the ultrasound, which ruled out some potential causes of the continuing problems. The scope will be performed within the next week, and hopefully the biopsies will reveal the source of Mr. Watson’s ulcers. The fundraising goal has been increased to account for the cost of the scope and to provide funds for treatment or additional testing, depending upon the outcome of the biopsies.

Original Post:  From Mr. Watson’s owner: Mr. Watson is an 18 months old Pembroke Welsh Corgi that came into our lives as a young pup. At about four months old he had emergency surgery for bloat. My veterinarian told me that had I waited an hour longer, we probably would have lost him. At six months Mr. Watson chewed open a toy that had a plastic water bottle in it. He ate three quarters of the bottle and we were back at the vet again. Thankfully he chewed the pieces enough to vomit them out and not require more surgery.

Mr. Watson had ongoing stomach problems, and two months ago had a serious attack of what my vet concluded was hemmoragic gastroenteritis. Then last Thursday he began vomiting blood. The veterinarian once again treated Mr. Watson for hemmoragic gastroenteritis. However that night I had to rush him to the emergency vet when he began shaking violently and breathing heavily. They recommended a scope to see if he had stomach or intestinal ulcers. Since our regular vet was much less costly he went in the next morning for the procedure.

The scope revealed a number of smaller, possibly older ulcers, and one large bleeding one. Pancreatitis was also suspected based on the symptoms and blood work. Mr. Watson was sent home with four medications and special food to treat his symptoms.

Thanks to some shout outs and support from Corgi Nation, Mr. Watson’s bills for his recent vet visits were covered completely. However at this point we have only treated the symptoms and not the cause(s) of the ulcers and related problems. I approached Bandit’s Bandaid to get some additional assistance, and they shared Mr. Watson’s test results with their veterinary advisors. Those advisors did not agree with my vet’s tentative diagnosis of pancreatitis and possible Addison’s Disease. We all agreed that Mr. Watson needed a better veterinarian to work with moving forward.

We found two experienced internists at Blue Pearl Louisville with professional interests in gastroenterology, pancreatic diseases and non-invasive diagnostic methods. Mr. Watson has an appointment on Monday morning with the senior internist and I am excited that he may finally be on the road to a permanent recovery. As we know more about the tests and treatments that he will need, we will update the goal and narrative of this fundraiser. Thanks you!


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  1. STACIE says:

    Thank you Lara!

  2. Been there done that. Watson makes me smile when you posted anything of him. He is a beautiful boy and be glad he’s in your life. God bless you and your family. He’ll pull though ths.

  3. Lynette Palermo says:

    Mr. Watson has been through so much! I hope on Monday you find out what his problem has been for so long and he begins his complete recovery!!

  4. Michelle Broderick says:

    Speedy recovery and ???? To finding out what ails Mr Watson!

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