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August 21, 2017 Update – Jericho’s recovery has been progressing slowly. One leg is stronger than the other but he is still not able to stand or walk yet. His owner has been working with him at home but Jericho really needs to have physical therapy, starting as soon as possible. The university offers a program but is more than 3 hours away. We have identified a potential physical therapy specialty center about an hour away and are hoping to raise the funds to begin what is likely to be a long, but hopefully successful, process.

Original Post – From Jericho’s owner: Jericho is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that I adopted in 2012 from Corgi Connection of Kansas (CCK). He came to CCK in rough shape after having been abused by the former owners’ grandchildren. I live on a farm and he is always waiting to greet me at my car when I get home. Since we are surrounded by a lot of acreage Jericho is able to be outside with me off leash.

A couple of weeks ago Jericho was walking up the steps to our house when one of our turkeys snuck up and pecked him! Unfortunately I could not get to the steps in time to prevent it. This startled Jericho and caused him to fall down a couple of steps. He seemed okay afterwards, until the next day, when he was unable to use his back legs.

My vet checked him for deep pain and he did not have any, so Jericho was put on an IV drip with steroids overnight. The next day he did have feeling and my vet said to get him to the vet school at Mississippi State, which we did, not knowing how we could pay for all of this.

The tests revealed that Jericho had a ruptured disc, and needed surgery as soon as possible. I wrote them a nearly $3,000 check not knowing if it would clear, but I had to get my boy into surgery. Normally I could probably handle a bill like this but my office was burglarized and I had to replace everything which maxed out every resource that I had. 

They operated and was told the surgery was successful.  I then contacted CCK and Bandit’s Bandaid to see if they could assist with the bills. With their help I was able to receive a nonprofit discount which made an immediate difference.

Jericho seemed to be making progress when he suddenly had a major setback. Apparently the gel used to repair the ruptured disc dislodged, and Jericho had to be rushed back into surgery. While at the hospital he also developed a urinary tract infection that has added to his recovery setback. At this point is is not known whether he will make a fully recovery, but I will do everything I can to work with him once he comes home, which probably means a lot of physical therapy.

Once I receive restitution, and after paying for the therapy that Jericho undoubtedly needs, I hope to reimburse what I can so that more dogs can be helped by these two wonderful organizations. Thank you so much for helping my special rescue boy get the life that he, and every dog, deserves.


Peggy Wall

Veterinary Hospital

Mississippi State Veterinary School
24 Wise Center Drive
Mississippi State, MS 39762
(662) 325-7016

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