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October 21, 2017 Update: This morning, KC’s Mom and Dad made the most difficult decision of helping their girl earn her wings. KC had been to the vet a day earlier because she was having labored breathing. She had some test done that would be back the following day, but early the next day they knew that it was time to let KC go. We will keep this fundraiser up for a time so that anyone wishing to donate in memory of KC may do so. Funds will be used to pay and outstanding veterinary expenses for KC and for puppy Spencer as well. Any balance that remains will be transferred into the emergency fund to help other dogs in need. Godspeed KC. We will miss your wonderful updates as you took on the world.

October 17, 2017 Update:  KC has been continuing swim therapy which is the main form of exercise she is able to do given the progression of the DM.  She has had some issues with urinary tract infections and has been put on medication for arthritis to help with joint problems. She has also had continuing problems with her feet and  eye which have required treatment over the past few months. KC’s owner and her veterinarian have been doing everything possible to keep KC comfortable and happy for as long as possible, but that said her veterinary bills, even with a great nonprofit discount, have been considerable.

March 2017 Update – KC has begun a  hydrotherapy to help build up strength in her front end as well as to help her lose a few pounds.   We purchased a much nicer lightly used cart for KC as well.

Original Post – KC is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who was chosen by her family when she was just a few weeks old. She has had quite a history of medical challenges, starting just a few days before being picked up from the breeder. KC’s eye was damaged during play with another sibling, and what was thought to be a small scratch ended up being a damaged tear duct requiring daily medication for life.

A few years later KC contracted canine hepatitis even though she had been vaccinated against it; unfortunately it was a different strain. She was on prednisone for quite some time to treat it. KC then developed an allergy against poultry and poultry products including eggs, requiring a diet change.

More recently KC began having difficulty walking. She was diagnosed with a torn ligament in her knee, and because of her medical issues surgery was not an option, so she began using a cart. This past year KC also developed an ulcer in her eye which required it to be sewn shut to protect it and allow it to heal. She also had some problems with her front paws which became irritated and infected.

Last month KC began seeing a new veterinarian who gave her a full examination and began treating her for the problems with her feet and back legs. He suspected that her problems were not related to a torn ligament but was more likely the onset of Degenerative Myelopathy. Testing confirmed that KC was at risk for the disease. Although there is no cure for DM, there are ways to slow its progression and maintain a good quality of life. KC’s vet has therefore prescribed medications to support her joints, and recommended that she begin physical therapy to maintain her strength and keep her pain free.



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6 Responses

  1. KC says:

    Thank you Everybody! ♡ Please write me a message so I can be sure to thank you personally (it doesn’t let me see who contributes ) <3 KC ♡♡♡

  2. Josephine says:

    KC and Family, love hearing your stories. Wishing you the best, corgis are strong. You have a great mommy.

  3. Arlene, Ginger and Bentley says:

    I made a small donation for KC. I am hoping her hydrotherapy will make her more mobile. I meant to make the donation sooner, but i forgot 🙁

    • Bandit's Bandaid says:

      We greatly appreciate your support!

    • KC says:

      Thank you ginger, Bentley & miss Arlene! It’s really helping me a ton & hopefully I can lose some of my belly to make it easier on my lil feet! <3 KC

    • KC says:

      Thank you ginger, Bentley & miss Arlene! It’s really helping me a ton & hopefully I can lose some of my belly to make it easier on my lil feet! <3 KC

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