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September Update – Unfortunately the DM test revealed that Winnie is affected/at risk for the disease. Although not all dogs with that test result develop the disease, it is clear that Winnie is already showing some of the signs of DM.  Winnie has already been evaluated by a physical therapy specialist and has and begun PT sessions. A quad cart with a counter balance has also been ordered and will help Winnie to retain mobility for what we hope is a long time. The plan is to continue her therapy sessions for as long as they are helping and as long as funding will allow.

Original Post – From Winnie’s owner: Winnie is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who is my heart and soul. She has been with me through the loss of both of my elderly parents. I got her as a puppy in North Carolina while I was visiting my college friend, and Winnie made the long trek home with me to northwest Ohio.

Winnie and my elderly mother became best of friends. She was great for my mom, but my mom was not so great for Winnie. My mom thought food was love and Winnie ballooned up to 40 pounds! But the bond between Winnie and my mom was great. My mom has been gone for six years and Winnie has been a slender 28 pounds since then.

Winnie has made many elderly people happy in the nursing home with her silly antics of fetching all kinds of toys and bringing them back so she could run some more. She was always a lady with the elderly, never getting in the way of walkers or wheelchairs, and always welcoming treats and attention.

Winnie took obedience classes and two rounds of agility classes. She loved showing off in the classes. She was fast and good! Six years ago Winnie was running around and I noticed a limp in her rear leg. She had torn her ACL and needed surgery to repair it. Since then, I have really tried to slow her down so she would not injury her other leg.

In December of 2015 I came home from work excited that winter break was fast upon me. I let Winnie outside and when she came in she tripped over the entryway. As I watched her come in further, I noticed her left leg not working very well. I thought she blew the ACL again. Then I noticed the front left leg and I immediately thought stroke. It was nearly 6 pm but I drove her to my vet who thought it was a stroke as well. Her blood work was good so we were referred to a neurologist who said that the only way to confirm a stroke was to do an MRI for $2400, which I declined.

With Bandit’s Bandaid’s assistance Winnie was able to have some physical therapy (PT) which helped her for a while. Lately however she has begun to decline once again. We went to a new neurologist who recommended testing her for DM.  While we wait for results it was suggested that we begin some new rehabilitation and laser therapy, starting with 5 sessions to see how they work for Winnie. It was also recommended that we get a quad cart for Winnie so she can continue to have a quality of life for as long as possible. This fundraiser will pay for the new round of PT and the cart.


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  1. Lindy says:

    That’s so great 80% has been raised. Sorry to hear your mom and dad passed. I miss mine too. Sharing to get a bit more in! It will pay for the neurologist?

  2. Lindy says:

    Right! It’s for the cart and physio! Hope she’s improving!

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