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December 2017 Update – As expected, Zoey underwent surgery immediately after having the MRI. Three of her discs were damaged and operated on. After a few setbacks including a antibiotic resistant UTI and an allergic reaction to the antibiotic she was given, and with two rounds of physical therapy, Zoey is walking and doing quite well! It will still take some time for her to fully heal but she is able to live a normal, pain free life. Not bad for a girl that 2 veterinary specialists said would never walk again and who mentioned putting her to sleep. Thankfully her Momma, our supporters, and a great new neurologist never gave up on this strong and resilient girl!

October 2, 2017 Update – Zoey is home now, and is scheduled to be seen by the neurologist at Live Oak Veterinary Neurology in Savannah, GA. This specialty facility was chosen because they offer so many advanced services for disc diseases including imaging, decompression, stabilization and all types of neurosurgery.  Zoey will be examined by the neurologist and is scheduled tol have an MRI. If surgery is called for (which is likely) it will be done immediately after the MRI, while she is still under anesthesia.

Original Post – From Zoey’s owner: Zoey is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi that was born in the fall of 2011. She came to live with me when she was 6 months old. The day I went to get her a friend went with me. When Zoey walked in the room my friend called her, but she took one look at me and came and sat at my feet. She has been mine ever since.

Two years ago Zoey went down while outside and had a problem walking for a few days. Then in July 2016 she went down again and this time it was much more serious and on a holiday weekend. She was diagnosed with IVDD and spent 7 weeks at the vet receiving laser therapy, steroids, pain medications and rest. Bandits Bandaid helped me obtain a cart for her, and after several months she regained use of her legs. My veterinarian said it would take a full year to know how much use of her hind legs she would actually retain going forward.

Then a few weeks ago Zoey was outside and I heard her yelp, and within a few hours she went down for the third time. I contacted Bandits Bandaid again, and this time she will be seeing a neurologist (September 7th) to determine if anything more can be done for her, including disc surgery. They will most likely do an MRI and take her right into surgery if they feel the ruptured disc(s) can be surgically repaired.

Zoey has been on crate rest but because she has broken out of her pen and has pulled out of the sling that I use with her outside (she is a very determined young lady) I have had to board her at the vet because I am gone at work during the day and want to ensure that she does not injure herself more.

I have two other Corgis who miss her very much, and I am just heartbroken without her. I lost my Pembroke less than a year ago to cancer, and just cannot bear the thought of losing Zoey at such a young age. I truly have been blessed with finding Bandits Bandaid as I am unable to cover the cost of an MRI and surgery. I just pray for a good outcome for Zoey.


Debarah Peck

Veterinary Hospital

Live Oak Veterinary Neurology
335 Stephenson Ave
Savannah, GA
(912) 662-7544


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