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Soffie’s Wheels is a cart program under Bandit’s Bandaid that is open to all dog breeds, whether owned or in rescue. Eligibility is based upon the physical need of the dog and the financial need of the owner.

Soffie is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy, a progressive disease of the spinal cord.  She has been using a cart since November of 2016.  Soffie’s “humom” has been a strong supporter of FaithBark Inc. and Bandit’s Bandaid, and has recently joined the FaithBark Board of Directors. She will also be helping to oversee the cart program. Which is why the cart program has been named in honor of her beautiful and spirited girl,  who is proof positive that a cart can lead to a longer and happier life for both dogs and owners!

Donations to Soffie’s Wheels are tax deductible. Donations may be made using PayPal for either direct transfers or for using credit cards. To donate by check or money order, please select Offline Donations which will provide information on how to make out checks and where to send them.

Funds raised through Soffie’s Wheels will be used to purchase carts for the highest priority applicants. Most of the carts provided through the program will be new or completely refurbished carts purchased from Walkin’ Wheels. This company has been selected as our primary source because they make high quality adjustable carts (both 2 and 4 wheeled including ones with a built in counterbalance), have a high level of customer service, and provide excellent discounts to our organization. This way we are able to order the perfect cart for our clients at extremely reasonable costs, and that allows your donated funds to go farther.

To be considered for a cart, please fill out an application for assistance.


State of Florida Registration Number CH37352. A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Florida Division of Consumer Services by calling toll free (within the State) 800-435-7352. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the State.

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  1. Why are you supporting walkinwheels while showing a dog in an Eddieswheels cart? Why didn’t you approach us to get refurbished and new carts at discount? Ealkinwheels are Not counterbalanced!

    • Bandit's Bandaid says:

      Leslie, Soffie is the dog the fund is named for. Her owner is a board member and yes she is in an Eddie’s Wheels cart that her owner purchased. Walkin’ Wheels has provided us with carts at very special prices to enable our funds to go farther. That said we will also purchase new or gently used carts by other manufacturers based upon the needs of each individual dog. And Walkin’ Wheels does have counterbalanced carts – we recently purchased two of them.

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